5 Best Used Luxury Cars That You Should Buy In 2019

Buying used luxury cars is a tricky matter. More so, if you are a lover of premium automobiles. Of course, all these cars are a product of superfine engineering. But there can be only one winner among these marvels, right? Each of them is loaded with awesome features. It makes it all the more difficult to pick one among the best-used luxury cars.


#1. Porsche

This German automobile is a demon on asphalt. When it comes to burning rubber, there is no one that can match this beast. Any Porsche variant can do 60 mph within 3 seconds flat. The look is also snazzy. But do you know what makes it special? Its performance does not decline with each passing day. Thanks to the engine and the quality of the spare parts, a certified pre-owned Porsche can rev up like a new one.

#2. Mercedes

When it comes to buying certified pre-owned vehicles, Mercedes rules the roost. But what makes it a clear winner is its luxury. Mercedes has the best luxurious interiors, and if the timely maintenance is done, then you have the most comfortable drive in your possession. Not only that, there’s a lot of power in the engine. The S-Class and the GLA variants have the sleek look and are perfect on-road vehicles. In some cases, it has even outperformed the Rolls Royce.

#3. Audi

Ah, the four circles of excellence! The more you drive it, the more you like it. It is one of the most sold automobiles in the used car segment. If you are looking for the best-used luxury cars that easily fit in your budget, then all Audi variants are a good deal. But which variant should you opt for? Q7 or A6 would be a fine choice, but you should go for whatever suits your style the best.

#4. BMW

BMW is another ace in the race! One cannot imagine what the automobile industry would have been without this German multinational. The major chunk of the market of US certified pre-owned cars is made up of BMW and Audi.

#5. Jaguar

Jaguar defines the pinnacle of British Engineering. Being the parent manufacturer of Land Rover, it certainly knows what excellence is all about. Being one of the finest engineered cars in the UK, the level of luxury it delivers is purely awesome! But even a pre-owned Jaguar can be pretty expensive. But one should be prepared to pay for quality!


So, which one are you going to pick for a quick spin?


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